San Juan Puerto Rico Travel Restrictions

San Juan Puerto Rico Travel Restrictions
San Juan Puerto Rico Travel Restrictions

The Puerto Rico Tourism Company (PRTC) has developed local safety measures to help keep travelers and residents safe, such as social distancing and high standards of cleanliness. Regardless of your vaccination status, indoor masks are mandatory. Masks must also be worn by those not vaccinated or between the ages of 2 and 11 when they are not able to socially distance themselves.

Afterward, the Coronavirus appeared. There was a cancellation of bookings that had started trickling in. March 12, 2020 marked the beginning of Puerto Rico’s state of emergency. Lockdowns began on March 15. Tourism returned to Puerto Rico in September after months without it. A pandemic-related travel restriction has made it a popular destination for tourists. 

San Juan Puerto Rico Travel Restrictions
San Juan Puerto Rico Travel Restrictions

COVID-19 Restrictions

Earlier this year, Puerto Rico eased long-standing lockdown measures. Nevertheless, travelers should still take a few precautions. It is mandatory to complete a health declaration and provide proof that a Coronavirus PCR test was negative no more than 72 hours prior to arrival in Puerto Rico. You cannot use rapid tests. A quarantine will follow if they do not comply. At the international airport, the facilities of the covid-19 test are available.

As Puerto Rico is the territory of the USA, the Americans are not required to take a coronavirus test on the route home.

Beyond The Brochures

Puerto Ricans hope tourists will go beyond the stereotypical vacations they advertise to outsiders as tourism returns to the island. There is so much to discover in the 78 municipalities of the island, each with its own culture, history, and natural beauty. Aguadilla, Bayamón, and Playa El Mojón Tranquilo, all offer incredible scenery around the island.

Everywhere we look there are incredible beaches. All over the island are beautiful hotels and beautiful places to stay, as well as incredible gastronomy that varies by town.

Local Community

Some tourists coming to Puerto Rico did not behave like normal tourists, which has caused controversy. Puerto Rico has experienced an unprecedented wave of misbehaving tourists after its reopening, and the situation has become so bad that locals are angry and frustrated.

A lot of photos and videos show tourists acting badly, dancing suggestively, and throwing trash on the sidewalks. They also break the country’s curfew and mask requirements to avoid contracting a coronavirus.

There has been a colony in Puerto Rico for 500 years.

Vaccinated Travelers

  •  Visitors must upload a copy of their official vaccination card. they didn’t accept the copies


Restriction for Non-Vaccinated Travelers

  • In order to detect COVID-19 antibodies, testing must take place within 72 hours of arrival.
  •  48 hours after arrival, travelers without a test will be fined $300 unless they upload a PCR molecular or COVID-19 antigen test taken on the Island.
  • Positive results will lift the quarantine.
  •  The person should isolate and follow local isolation protocols at his/her own expense if the test is positive.

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