How to make the Martabak Indonesia recipe

Martabak Indonesia recipe:

  1. Combine all that’s listed up there in a bowl.


            : Flour 100g

            : Rice flour 40g

            : Sugar 100g

            : Baking soda 0.5 tsp

            : Baking powder 1.5 tsp

            : 1 Egg

            : Milk 150 ml

  1. Mix until smooth and homogenous and place in a pouring jug.

  2. Use low heat on a non-stick pan, pour about ½ cup’s worth of batter. Spread it around the pan (even the edges)

  3. Once the top is cooked and the edges look brownish put 1 tsp butter and brush it on top.

  4. Choose your favorite topping (usually it’s nutella, chocolate sprinkle, cheese, nuts , spread etc)

  5. Fold it in half.ENJOY !
    Watch Youtube Video :Martabak Indonesia recipe

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Written by Muhammad Qasim

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