Best Sushi Restaurants In Los Angeles

Best Sushi Restaurants In Los Angeles
Best Sushi Restaurants In Los Angeles

Los Angeles is famous for many food items such as tacos, etc., but Los Angeles’s sushi is especially my favorite. Their sushi is trendy among the locals as well as the tourists. However, their sushi market suffered a lot due to the pandemic, but now it has gradually returned to its original strength. There are almost 21 famous sushi restaurants in Los Angeles. Some of the best sushi restaurants are as follows 

Best Sushi Restaurants In Los Angeles
Best Sushi Restaurants In Los Angeles

Sushi Iki

It’s one of the best sushi restaurants in Los Angeles, but it’s an expensive one that not every person out there can afford. It has a lovely taste, but it’s said that you should be ready to whip out your credit card because of a lot of luxury ingredients included in their sushi when you go there. The price for a meal here is $200.

The brother’s sushi 

This sushi comes with a different sort of creative approach. It’s slightly lesser in price than the one mentioned previously, but it also has a fantastic taste that people remember. The price for a meal here is $150.

Shin sushi 

It’s also a good sushi restaurant in Los Angeles that provides different ingredient options according to your taste. Their sushi is famous for dinners. The price for a meal here is also $150.

Sushi bar 

This was started by a person named Lee. His style of cooking and presenting sushi was a little bit different, due to which traditionalists condemned him, but this also became famous, and people liked it a lot too. The price of a meal here is about $145.

Sushi note 

This is also an extensive sushi restaurant it’s known for because of their traditional taste. Moreover, they serve their sushi along with pristine fish, rice and some other food items which makes it a bit unique.

Best Sushi Restaurants In Los Angeles
Best Sushi Restaurants In Los Angeles


This restaurant is in the name of a sushi lover himself, Morihiro, a great cook, so he made his sushi restaurant which is now very famous in Los Angeles.

Sushi park

Sushi Park is one of the top places in West Hollywood. Don’t be amazed if you see any known celebrity dining here because it’s very famous in Hollywood and many celebrities often visit this place.


It’s also a very famous restaurant. It’s said that many trained chefs work here who have previously worked at many other restaurants, so their food is simply the best.

Sushi Tama

This is the most recently opened famous restaurant in Los Angeles. It was opened in august of 2020. They are renowned for their specific juicy, fresh, and unique taste. This restaurant mainly imports high-quality fish from Japan.

Nozawa bar

The spirit of Nozawa lives on at this private sushi bar. The experience here feels like that of a top-level place in Tokyo. The price here is $195 per meal. Though the price is a bit high, it is undoubtedly worth it.

Above mentioned places are the top 10 best sushi places in Los Angeles. If a person is going to visit Los Angeles, he could have his best sushi experience from any one of these places.

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