Is keto diet safe?

Is keto diet safe?
Is keto diet safe?

Whenever you talk about dieting you always consider ketogenic diet because it is very famous among all diet plans .A ketogenic diet plan is the one in which a major portion of diet is based on lipids ,a moderate amount of protein and very small amount of carbohydrates or no carbohydrates atall. In this way the body’s metabolism is set in such a way that the major amount of energy is consumed through fat breakdown due to which a large amount of body fat sheds in this diet and a person reduces a large amount of weight in a short period of time.

Is keto diet safe?
Is keto diet safe?


It was also used in medicine for treatment of children with uncontrolled epilepsy.It is also being used for treating alzimers , cancers and obesity.But it is mainly famous for the weight reduction.It is also used for treating prediabetes .

Everything has its own pros and cons.Nothing is perfect if it’s not natural, similarly when we try to change the normal body metabolism in the long run it’s not safe. For a time period people may like it because of weight reduction with less effort but Ketogenic diet is not safe.

Ketogenic diet is not safe due to the following reasons 


Use of a Ketogenic diet for a long time period will lead to loss of muscle and will cause an increased amount of fat . However when does this happen s depends on the person e.g some of the athletes can successfully use keto diet for a long time period 

While some normal people develop a quick muscle loss which is very injurious for the person’s health.


It can also affect the brain because being on keto diet a person consumes lipids and not carbohydrates so for brain health you must have to consume carbohydrates.


Ketogenic diet is not advised for people with certain health conditions such as people with diabetes , thyroid problem, gallbladder and liver issues.


As like all diet plans Ketogenic diet plan also causes malnutrition because no diet fulfills all nutritional human requirements in a proper way.


Strict Ketogenic diet can also cause social isolation and disordered eating mostly in the teenage girls because of becoming choosy about food and people remarks they instead avoid social gatherings.


Short term health risks are also there which includes headache, fatigue, brain fog and upset stomach all these symptoms are together called keto flu.It can also cause constipation.


Long term risks include osteoporosis, Kidney stones and liver disease, low blood pressure and cardiovascular problems .


Largely ketogenic diet was considered to be safe for both adults as well as for children but the ketogenic diet is actually not safe and especially for the people which are already going through some serious medical conditions.Keto diet has become famous mainly due to social media and by being promoted by celebrities but it should not be done .In case you are obese and require immediate weight loss so you can go on this diet but even then you should not do Ketogenic diet for a long time period you should must go on days or weeks without this diet.These types of breaks between keto diet are called as keto holiday s and one must have them for proper health.

Blood monitoring is necessary after every 2 to 3 months to check that there are no abnormalities .

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