Organic Green Tea Good For You

Organic Green Tea Good For You
Organic Green Tea Good For You

Modern medicine has gone to the extent of preserving life and curing the most incurable diseases. Cancer is not a curse anymore. Heart attack? Have an open heart surgery or an artificial valve or a vein grafted from your leg.  Does a fetus have an anomaly? Don’t worry. Doctors have robotic arms to perform surgery with incredible precision. They will also put the baby back into the mother’s womb. Incredible isn’t it. 

But modern medicine comes with a price tag and a whole lot of reactions if put all together can be named into a new disease. This makes us think, what did our ancestors do right that humankind has survived millions of years and has not gone extinct?

Looking back at the historic medicine and sciences, the art of brewing herbs in water is still practiced today in many cultures, and in many forms. The most famous herb is Camellia Sinensis or simply called tea. Originated in China but now spread across the world. Back tea, green tea, oolong tea and yellow tea are all different cured forms of the same leaf. 

Organic Green Tea Good For You
Organic Green Tea Good For You

Let us look at some of the miraculous aspects of this herb.

Less Caffeine intake than coffee and black tea

Caffeine has a stimulating effect, raising blood pressure and exaggerating cardiovascular diseases. Caffeine also increases estrogen levels in women. Women at a higher risk of ovarian and breast cancer should look out for their caffeine intake. Low caffeine intake improves sleep quality thus improving overall mind and body health. Substituting your coffee with a low caffeinated drink like green tea has a positive effect on overall health.

Reduces Risk of stroke and heart attack

Green tea lowers bad lipids like LDL and triglycerides count in the blood. It improves blood flow, cleans out arteries and veins, and removes cholesterol blockage. Thus giving rise to healthy veins and lower blood pressure that is crucial for heart health. 

Healthy veins and good blood flow are also good for brain health. Green tea minimizes diseases like Alzheimer’s, stroke, and brain aneurysms. 

Helps in losing weight

Green tea immediately increases the metabolism rate, burning more calories by 4% in a day. It means that you are losing weight just by sitting on your couch sipping on a cup of green tea. This tea is also effective in reducing stubborn belly fat. It is recommended to drink 2-3 cups of green tea in a day to see the weight loss results.

Slow down the aging process

The main difference between green tea and other types of tea is its antioxidant content. Without a doubt, green tea has the highest amount of antioxidants. These antioxidants aid and speed up the process of repair work in our bodies.  Thus cutting off years from our age and keeping us youthful for a very long time. Green tea masks are also said to remove wrinkles, blemishes, and acne resulting in clear soft, and baby skin.

Protection against inflammation and cancer

A high amount of antioxidants in green tea minimize mutation in our body, reducing the chance of cancer risk.

Polyphenols prevent inflammation, the key culprit behind modern-day diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, fatty liver, allergies, etc.

You can guess why the Chinese, while living in a much polluted country, still outnumber the average life expectancy in the whole world. Drinking green tea has been an important part of their culture since centuries.

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